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Department Of Electrical, Electronics, & Telecommunication Engineering


Electrical And Electronics Engineering (EEE) education today has entered a transitional phase. EEE curricula around the globe are increasing specialization. On the other hand, diversity of EEE education is also increasingly underscoring its multi-disciplinary nature. Over the last decade, the traditional role played by an electrical and electronics engineer has changed quite significantly. Today's employers require electrical, electronics and telecommunication engineers with excellent communication skills along with awareness about environmental and safety issues. There are huge demand for electrical, electronics and telecommunication profession but the supply of technical competent professionals in Bangladesh is not meeting the demand. The B.Sc. degree program in Electrical And Electronics Engineering at Dhaka International University (DIU) is aimed to produce graduates to meet that demand. Increasing the ethical and moral standards of the engineers is also getting higher priority in the industry and communication technology sector.


The mission of the department is to teach and prepare educated, articulated and skilled engineers for leadership, professional careers and advanced studies in the field of Electrical And Electronics Engineering.


To produce competent professionals who will be leaders in technology, industry and research at national and international levels.

Message from Department Head

Dhaka International University (DIU) is one of the pioneer private universities in Bangladesh. DIU was formed in 1995 by late Alhaj Prof. Dr. A. B. M. Mofizul Islam Patwary, who was a renowned philanthropist and humanist, and was a Chairman at the Department of Law, Dhaka University. The Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) department has started its journey in 2021. A large number of students have successfully completed their degree in EEE and most of them are shining in their respective fields both in home and abroad.
Self-Assessment of EEE department under the IQAC cell (as part of HEQEP project) of DIU is successfully completed. The curriculum of EEE is OBE-based. EEE offers high quality education provided by experienced, highly-qualified, dedicated, energetic and friendly faculty members. In addition, a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities is organized regularly.


  • Apply strong educational knowledge successfully in industry and pursuing advanced degree in related field.
  • Use their communication skills in professional practices as well as demonstrate leadership quality through team work.
  • Prove themselves as competitive professionals who will be able to solve real life problems by analyzing and interpreting data.
  • Exhibit the quality to be successful entrepreneurs and ethically sound professionals.


Get involved and stay up to date with what's happening


Our students engage themselves in various interesting extra curricular activities all through the year.


A proper syllabus is maintained for the best outcome of academic experience in our university.

Grand Total Credits = 145

Note: Students will take only "One theory course with one practical" either from Elective II or Elective-III. Accordingly credits will be decided. But total credit will be 145.

1st Semester
Code No. Course Title Credit
CSE-111 Computer Fundamental 3
HUM-111 Bangladesh Studies 3
HUM-112 Fundamentals of Management 3
HUM-113 World Civilization 3
Total credits 12
2nd Semester
Code No. Course Title Credit
EETE-121 Electrical circuits-I 3
Electrical circuits-I Laboratory Bangladesh Studies 1
PHY-121 Physics-I (Waves & Oscillation, Optics, Heat & Thermodynamics) 3
MAT-121 Math-I (Linear Algebra & Co-ordinate Geometry) 3
HUM-121 Basic English 3
Total credits 13
3rd Semester
Code No. Course Title Credit
EETE-131 Electronics-I 3
EETE-132 Electrical Circuits-II Laboratory 1
PHY-131 Physics-II (Electricity, Magnetism, Modern Physics, Mechanics) 3
PHY-132 Physics-II Laboratory 1
HUM-131 Communicative English 3
MAT-131 Math-II (Differential & Integral Calculus) 3
Total credits 14
4rd Semester
Code No. Course Title Credit
EETE-211 Electronics-I 3
EETE-212 Electronics-I Laboratory 1
EETE-213 Electrical Machines-I 3
EETE-214 Electrical Machines-I Laboratory 1
EETE-215 Engineering Drawing 1
MAT-211 Math-IV (Statistics & Probability) 3
Total credits 12
5th Semester
Code No. Course Title Credit
EETE-221 Electrical Machines-II 3
EETE-222 Electrical Machines-II Laboratory 1
EETE-223 Electronics-II 3
EETE-224 Electronics-II Laboratory 1
MAT-221 Math-IV (Differential Equations & Vector Analysis) 3
HUM-221 Financial & Managerial Accounting 3
Total credits 14
6th Semester
Code No. Course Title Credit
EETE-231 Digital Electronics 3
EETE-232 Digital Electronics Laboratory 1
EETE-233 Semiconductor Materials & Devices 3
EETE-234 Structured Programming 3
CSE-232 Structured Programming Laboratory 1
MAT-231 Math-V (Complex Variables & Transforms (Laplace, Fourier & Z) 3
Total credits 14
7th Semester
Code No. Course Title Credit
EETE-311 Digital Electronics 3
EETE-312 Digital Electronics Laboratory 1
EETE-313 Semiconductor Materials & Devices 3
CHM-311 Chemistry 3
CHM-312 Chemistry Laboratory 1
Total credits 11
8th Semester
Code No. Course Title Credit
EETE-321 Digital Signal Processing 3
EETE-322 Digital Signal Processing Laboratory 1
EETE-323 Fundamental of Communication Engineering 3
EETE-324 Fundamental of Communication Engineering Laboratory 1
EETE-325 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves 3
EETE-327 Transmission and Distribution of Electric Power 3
Total credits 14
9th Semester
Code No. Course Title Credit
EETE-331 Power Electronics 3
EETE-332 Power Electronics Laboratory 1
EETE-333 Instrumentation and Measurement 3
EETE-334 Instrumentation and Measurement Laboratory 1
EETE-335 Control Systems 3
EETE-336 Control Systems Laboratory 1
Total credits 12
10th Semester
Code No. Course Title Credit
EETE-411 Microwave & Antenna Engineering 3
EETE-412 Microwave & Antenna Engineering Laboratory 1
EETE-413 Renewable Energy Technology 3
EETE-415 Power System Analysis 3
Total credits 10
11th Semester
Code No. Course Title Credit
EETE-421 Power Stations 3
EEE/ETE Elective-I 3
EEE/ETE Elective-II 3
EEE/ETE Elective-II Laboratory 1
EETE-433E Project and Thesis 0
Total credits 9 or 10
12th Semester
Code No. Course Title Credit
EEE/ETE Elective-III 3
EEE/ETE Elective-III Laboratory 1
EETE-433 Project and Thesis 6
Total credits 9 or 10



EEE has a very strong Alumni Association. Members of the alumni association create job opportunities for the new students. This association organizes annual general meeting, picnic etc. for the members of the association.

Faculty members