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The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at Dhaka International University (also known as DIU) is a place where brightest minds from all over the country and abroad assembles for a greater future. We have a strong alumni association to exchange academic and professional knowledge and experience among the existing and former students of DIU in the field of CSE. Our alumni serve in the top ranking universities as teachers and researchers and in the top companies all around the world as software engineers and IT specialists. We organize various co-curricular and extra-curriculum activities. Such as Programming contest, Workshop, job Fair, The Debating Club, Seminar, Intra-Department Football/Cricket Tournament, Indoor Games, etc. Our students are well equipped to take the challenge to stand out as the leaders of tomorrow. We welcome all in our community who are willing to take the challenge and who are trying to be the best in their future. Welcome to CSEDIU.


The mission of department of computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is to teach and prepare educated, skilled, & ethically sound computer scientists and engineers for leadership and professional careers and for advanced studies.


To produce competent professionals who shall be leaders in technology, industry and research at the national and international level.

Message from Department Head

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) department started its journey in 1996 at the very beginning of the establishment of the university. Now, the CSE Department is the largest department of Dhaka International University. In total 26 full-time faculty members are serving about 1600 students in B. Sc and M. Sc levels. The faculty members of the CSE department are highly qualified, energetic, young and friendly with the students and university authority is also trying their best to increase the existing facility of the students.
Students are engaged in various academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Our students also participate in regional contests of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest regularly.
Our graduates are successfully working in reputed companies and organizations likes Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited, Data Soft, IP vision, Gramophone, Air-tel, Bangla-Link, TeleTalk, Robi, ICT division, etc. They are also working in Banks, Garments sector and NGOs, etc. Some of our graduates are also working as faculty members in the home and abroad. Our graduates are also pursuing higher studies in different universities in the UK, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Norway, and many other countries.
Recently, B.Sc. in CSE program at DIU has been accredited as a professional degree program by the Board of Accreditation for Engineering and Technical Education (BAETE) of the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB). Our CSE graduates can become a member of IEB.


  • Knowledge of Engineering Sciences

    Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals and an engineering specialization to the conceptualization of engineering models

  • Design / development of solutions

    Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design systems, components or processes that meet specified needs with appropriate consideration for public health and safety, cultural, societal and environmental considerations.

  • Investigation 

    Conduct investigations of complex problems including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of information to provide valid conclusions.

  • Modern Tool Usage

    Create, select and apply appropriate techniques, resource, and modern engineering tools including prediction and modeling, to complex engineering activities, with an understanding of the limitations.

  • Individual and Team work

    Function effectively as an individual and as a member or leader in diverse teams and in multi-disciplinary settings

  • Communication 

    Communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the engineering community and with society at large, such as being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.

  • The Engineer and Society 

    Demonstrate understanding of the societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to engineering practice. 

  • Ethics 

    Understand and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of engineering practice.

  • Environment and Sustainability 

    Understand the impact of engineering solutions in a societal context and demonstrate knowledge of and need for sustainable development

  • Project Management and Finance 

    Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of management and business practices, such as risk and change management, and understand their limitations

  • Life Long Learning 

    Recognize the need for, and have the ability to engage in independent and life-long learning.


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Our students engage themselves in various interesting extra curricular activities all through the year.

Mid term Exam Schedule Summer-2021. 1st Shift & 2nd Shift. Department of CSE.

Class Routine Summer-2021. Department of CSE. 1st Shift & 2nd Shift

ডিআইইউ কম্পিউটার অ্যান্ড প্রোগ্রামিং ক্লাব কতৃক আয়োজিত ভাষা উৎসব -২০২১ এর ফলাফল

Member Recruitment for DIU CSE CPC

Dept. of CSE, Ramadan Class Schedule Summer-2021. 1st Shift & 2nd Shift.

"ভাষা উৎসব - ২০২১"


A proper syllabus is maintained for the best outcome of academic experience in our university.

1st Semester
Code No. Course Title Credit
CSE-101 Introduction to Computer Systems 3
PHY-101 Physics-I 3
GED-101 Principles of Accounting 3
GED-102 Bangladesh Studies 3
Total credits 12
2nd Semester
Code No. Course Title Credit
CSE-103 Introduction to Computer Systems 3
CSE-104 Structured Programming Lab 1
PHY-103 Physics-II 3
PHY-104 Physics-II Lab 1
ENG-101 Basic English 3
MATH-101 Linear Algebra & Co-ordinate Geometry 3
Total credits 14
3rd Semester
Code No. Course Title Credit
CSE-105 Digital Systems 3
CSE-106 Digital Systems Lab 1
CHEM-101 Chemistry 3
CHEM-102 Chemistry Lab 1
ENG-102 Communicative English 3
MATH-102 Differential and Integral Calculus 3
Total credits 14
4th Semester
Code No. Course Title Credit
CSE-201 Discrete Mathematics 3
EEE-201 Electrical Circuits 3
EEE-202 Electrical Circuits Lab 3
GED-201 Principles of Economics 1
MATH-201 Statistical Methods & Probability 3
Total credits 13
5th Semester
Code No. Course Title Credit
CSE-203 Electronic Devices & Circuits 3
CSE-204 Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab 1
CSE-205 Data Structures 3
CSE-206 Data Structures Lab 1
MATH-201 Differential Equations & Vector Analysis 3
Total credits 11
6th Semester
Code No. Course Title Credit
CSE-207 Object Oriented Programming 3
CSE-204 Object Oriented Programming Lab 1
CSE-209 Computer Organization & Architecture 3
GED-202 Principles of Management 3
MATH-203 Complex Variables and Transforms (Laplace & Fourier) 3
Total credits 13
7th Semester
Code No. Course Title Credit
CSE-301 Algorithm Design & Analysis 3
CSE-302 Algorithm Design & Analysis Lab 1
CSE-303 Numerical Analysis 3
CSE-304 Numerical Analysis Lab 1
EEE-301 Data & Telecommunication 3
GED-301 Law & Ethics in Engineering Practice 3
Total credits 14
8th Semester
Code No. Course Title Credit
CSE-305 Microprocessor, Microcontroller & Assembly Language 3
CSE-306 Microprocessor, Microcontroller & Assembly Language Lab 1
CSE-307 Database Management Systems 3
CSE-308 Database Management Systems Lab 1
CSE- Elective Course (Section I) 3
Total credits 11
9th Semester
Code No. Course Title Credit
CSE-309 Operating Systems 3
CSE-310 Operating Systems Lab 1
CSE-311 Computer Networks 3
CSE-312 Computer Networks Lab 1
CSE- Elective Course (Section I) 3
CSE- Elective Course (Section I) 3
Total credits 11
10th Semester
Code No. Course Title Credit
CSE-401 Compiler Design 3
CSE-402 Compiler Design Lab 1
CSE-403 Peripherals & Interfacing 3
CSE-404 Peripherals & Interfacing Lab 1
CSE- Elective Course (Section II) 3
CSE- Elective Course (Section II) Lab 1
Total credits 12
11th Semester
Code No. Course Title Credit
CSE-405 Computer Graphics & Multimedia 3
CSE-406 Computer Graphics & Multimedia Lab 1
CSE-407 Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks 3
CSE-408 Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks Lab 1
CSE- Elective Course (Section II) 3
Total credits 11
12th Semester
Code No. Course Title Credit
CSE Elective Course (Section II) 3
CSE-406 Elective Course (Section II) Lab 1
CSE-425 Project Work 5
Total credits 9

Eligibility for Admission in M.Sc. CSE

Individuals who hold a Bachelor's degree in CS/CSE/EEE/EETE/IT/ECE/Applied Physics from a recognized university having CGPA not less than 2.5 will be considered for admission into the Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering program. Students from CS/CSE/EEE/EETE/IT/ECE/Applied Physics will be required to take a number of prerequisite courses as decided by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Grouping (M.Sc. CSE)

The M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering is divided into two groups : M.Sc. General Group and M.Sc. Thesis Group.

Duration of the Program :

The duration of the M.Sc. in CSE program is 3 Semester (1.5 years).

Credits Load :

M.Sc. General Group (Group A)

  • 1st Semester : 12 Credits (Theoretical)
  • 2nd Semester : 12 Credits (Theoretical)
  • 3rd Semester : 6 Credits (Theoretical) & 6 Credits (Project Work & Viva)

M.Sc. Thesis Group (Group B)

  • 1st Semester : 12 Credits (Theoretical)
  • 2nd Semester : 6 Credits (Theoretical) & 6 Credits ( Thesis Work )
  • 3rd Semester : 12 Credits (Thesis Work & Viva)
Code No. Course Title Credit
CSE-501 Advanced Algorithm 3
CSE -502 Advanced Networking 3
CSE -503 Advanced Database 3
CSE -504 Advanced Graph Theory 3
CSE -505 Advanced Digital Signal Processing 3
CSE -506 Pattern Recognition 3
CSE -507 Advanced Simulation and Modeling 3
CSE -508 Cryptography and Network Security 3
CSE -509 Bioinformatics 3
CSE -510 Parallel Algorithm 3
CSE -511 Embedded System Design 3
CSE -512 Advanced Wireless and Mobile Communication 3
CSE -513 Advanced Optical Communication 3
CSE -514 Advanced Optical Communication 3
CSE -515 Robotics and Computer Vision 3
CSE -516 Advanced Multimedia System 3
CSE -517 Teletraffic Engineering 3
CSE -518 Knowledge Engineering 3
CSE -519 Machine Learning 3
CSE -520 Wireless Sensor Network 3
CSE -521 Channel Modeling 3
CSE -522 Advanced Filter Design 3
CSE -523 Fault Tolerant Computing and Design 3
CSE -524 Advanced Digital Image Processing 3
CSE -525 Speech Recognition 3
CSE -526 Advanced Digital Communication 3
CSE -527 Radio Frequency Technology 3
CSE -528 Adaptive and Optimal Image Processing 3
CSE -529 Enterprise Application Integration 3
CSE -530 Enterprise Application Integration 3
CSE -531 Project Work 6
CSE -532 Thesis Work 18

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