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Department Of Civil Engineering


The Department of Civil Engineering is one of the largest department in the Faculty of Science & Engineering. The department has produced several eminent engineers who have made important contributions in the planning and execution of many important Civil Engineering projects in Bangladesh as well as abroad.

The Department offers two shift (First Shift and Second Shift) undergraduate courses in Civil Engineering. In all, there are around 1000 students , including I nternational students, in undergraduate program for pursuing their Bachelor degree. The Department is known for its reputed faculty with expertise in dive rse fields. Presently, the department has 20 highly qualified, experienced, sincere and dedicated teaching faculty members, actively participating in research and consultancy work. During last 5 years, faculty members have published more than 2 0 papers in reputed refereed International Journals.

Over a period of time, the Department has built up a wide research potential.Major area of research in the Department include; Sustainable Development, low cost sanitation, water treatment, air, noise and water qua lity modelling, Reuse of concrete, application of GIS and remote sensing in water resources and environment, Vulnerability assessment, Seismic analysis of structures, retrofitting, Soil structure interaction, Hydro - climatology, Water resource assessment an d management.

The Department has established a state of the art experimental facilities and laboratories in different fields of Civil Engineering. International and national conferences, seminars and special lectures are a regular feature of the Department to impart education and training. Leading companies in construction sector in Bangladesh and public divisions are regular recruiter of our students and many students have been selected in Engineering Services.

The Department strongly believes in continuous efforts to strive for excellence by exploring new frontiers of knowledge, imparting the latest technical knowledge to the students and conducting high quality research.


  • To offer Under - Graduate and Post - Graduate programs in civil engineering and other skill development courses that add value to student competencies.
  • To establish centers of excellence in emerging areas of research.
  • To promote innovative and original thinking in the minds of budding engineers to face the challenges of future .
  • To have regular interaction with industry and offer solutions to their problems.
  • To provide knowledge base and consu ltancy services to the community in all areas of civil engineering.
  • To introduce moral and ethical values among the students


To acquaint knowledge and excellence that brings out to our graduates with high technical competencies and promotes hig h - end research which m akes them ethically strong engineers to build our nation.

Message from Department Head

Greetings to alumni, students, potential students, friends, and supporters of the Department of Civil Engineering! Welcome to our website! It is a very exciting time in our department, as it is always growing and changing. On this site, I hope that you find the information you require and gain a good impression of our activities. We are very proud of our track record of e xcellenc e in both teaching and research . Civil Engineering is one of the most critical disciplines for providing solutions for an ever changing society.
As the country is surging ahead with a high growth in GDP with an increased government spending in physical and social infrastructure thro ugh centrally sponsored schemes, the department of Civil Engineering has emerged as a center of excellence for imparting quality education to produce technically sound and research oriented professionals to meet the demand of the construction industry. The department offers degrees at the BS c levels with opportunities with coursework and research in the field of Environmental , Geotechnical , Hydraulics , Structures , Transportation and Water Resources .

The department has been trying to not only focus on the co nceptual, design and technological aspects but also on their application through continuous revision of curriculum and syllabi with an input from the construction Industry and other stake holders. The class lectures are supplemented by special lectures by experts from the academic fraternity and industry.

Up gradation of laboratory facilities and acquisition of latest licensed software is also one of the priorities of the department. The new version of ETABS, Staad Pro, and Abaqus software have been obtained recently.

Students are encouraged to take up real life projects for their project and laboratory work to prepare them for taking up the challenges of the professional career. Students are also motivated and trained to take the competitive examinations for central and state services and admission to higher education programs.

The department also imparts ethical, social and environmental values among the students.

If you are a prospective student who is investigating our Civil Engineering program, WELCOME! C heck out our program and visit us. We encourage you to apply!


The Program Educational Objectives (PEO) of the Civil Engineeri ng undergraduate program at the Dhaka International University are to produce engineers that:

  • PEO 1 : Knowledgeable and technically competent in civil engineering discipline In - line with the industry requirement
  • PEO 2 : Are able to analyze and design sa fe, sustainable, economical and environmentally sound solutions for Civil Engineering problems either within the profession or through post - graduate research.
  • PEO 3 : Grow professionally in their careers t hrough continued development of technic al, management, and oral an d written communication skills; achievement of professional licens ure; and assumption of roles of responsibility and leadership in professional service
  • PEO 4 : Achieve their professional aims ethically and with cultural competency within an environment characterized by the diverse needs of society and the profession.


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Our students engage themselves in various interesting extra curricular activities all through the year.


A proper syllabus is maintained for the best outcome of academic experience in our university.

Total Credits and Durationg

These courses are to be completed within 12 trimesters in 4 years. So, to award the degree, total credits will be 167.00. It is mentioned that the students who have completed the 4(four) years in diploma program (CE) under the Technical Education Board are also eligible for admission under this program. In this regard they may be given some course waiver (18.50 credits), and they have to successfully accomplish 149.50 total credits for awarding the degree.

Basic Science Courses (15.00)
CHEM 101 Engineering Chemistry I 3.0
CHEM 102 Engineering Chemistry II 3.0
CHEM 114 Inorganic Quantitative Analysis Lab 1.5
PHY 101 Engineering Physics I 3.0
PHY 102 Engineering Physics Lab 1.5
PHY 105 Engineering Physics II 3.0
Mathematics Courses (12.00)
MATH 131 Mathematics I 3
MATH 133 Mathematics II 3
MATH 231 Mathematics III 3
MATH 235 Mathematics IV 3
Basic Engineering Courses (42.50)
CE 100 Engineering Drawing* 1.5
CE 101 Engineering Mechanics 3
CE 102 Computer Aided Drafting* 1.5
CE 103 Geoinformatics: Surveying* 3
CE 104 Computer Fundamental Applications Lab 1.5
CE 105 Practical Surveying* 1.5
Shop 132 Workshop Sessional * 1.5
EEE 165 Basic Electrical Engineering 2
EEE 166 Basic Electrical Engineering Lab* 1.5
CE 203 Engineering Geosciences 3
CE 204 Engineering Geosciences Sessional 1.5
CE 205 Numerical Methods and Analysisl 3
CE 206 Computer Programming Sessional l 1.5
CE 207 Engineering Computation Sessional 1.5
CE 208 Estimating and Costing* 1.5
CE 209 Advance Construction Technology and HES Sessional 1.5
CE 211 Mechanics of Solids I 3
CE 212 Structural Mechanics Sessional 1.5
CE 213 Mechanics of Solids II 3
CE 261 Fluid Mechanics 3
CE 262 Fluid Mechanics Sessional 1.5
Basic Civil Engineering Courses (55.50)
CE 200 Details of Construction* 1.5
CE 201 Construction Materials 3
CE 202 Construction Materials Sessional 1.5
CE 312 Computer Aided Structural Analysis and Design Lab I 1.5
CE 313 Structural Analysis and Design II 3
CE 315 Design of Concrete Structures I 3
CE 316 Concrete Structures Design Sessional 1.5
CE 317 Design of Concrete Structures II 3
CE 319 Design of Steel Structures 3
CE 320 Steel Structure Design Lab 1.5
CE 331 Environmental Engineering I 3
CE 332 Environmental Engineering I Sessional 1.5
CE 333 Environmental Engineering II 3
CE 341 Geotechnical Engineering I 3
CE 342 Geotechnical Engineering Sessional I 1.5
CE 343 Geotechnical Engineering II 3
CE 351 Transportation Engineering I 3
CE 353 Transportation Engineering II 3
CE 354 Transportation Engineering I Sessional 1.5
CE 361 Hydraulic Engineering 3
CE 362 Hydraulic Engineering Sessional 1.5
CE 363 Engineering Hydrology 3
Advance Civil Engineering Elective Courses (64.00)
CE 400 Project & Thesis 4.5
CE 402 Application of GIS in Civil Engineering 1.5
CE 410 Concrete Structures Design Sessional II 1.5
CE 411 Structural Analysis and Design III 3.0
CE 412 Computer Aided Structural Analysis and Design Lab II 1.5
CE 413 Introduction to Steel-Concrete Composite Structures 2.0
CE 415 Prestressed Concrete 2.0
CE 416 Computer Aided Structural Analysis and Design Lab III 1.5
CE 417 Design of Concrete Structures III 2.0
CE 419 Introduction to Finite Element Method 2.0
CE 421 Dynamics of Structures 2.0
CE 431 Design of Water Supply, Sanitation and Sewerage Systems 2.0
CE 432 Environmental Engineering Sessional II 1.5
CE 433 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management 2.0
SCE 437 Sustainable Development and Environmental Impact Assessment 2.0
CE 441 Foundation Engineering 2.0
CE 442 Geotechnical Engineering Sessional II 1.5
CE 443 Earth Retaining Structures 2.0
CE 445 Elementary Soil Dynamics 2.0
CE 451 Traffic Planning & Management 2.0
CE 452 Transportation Engineering II Sessional 1.5
CE 453 Pavement Management, Drainage and Management 2.0
CE 455 Urban Transportation Planning and Management 2.0
CE 461 Irrigation and Flood Control 3.0
CE 465 Flood Mitigation and Management 2.0
CE 467 Ground Water Engineering 2.0
CE 469 River Engineering 2.0
CE 471 Hydraulic Structures 2.0
CE 472 Water Resources Engineering Sessional I 1.5
CE 473 Coastal Engineering 2.0
CE 474 Water Resources Engineering Sessional II 1.5
Civil Engineering Professional Practice Courses (16.50)
CE 301 Professional Practice and Business Communication 3.0
CE 401 Project Planning and Management 3.0
CE 403 Socio-economic Aspects of Development Projects 3.0
CE 405 Business and Career Development 3.0
CE 406 Law and Ethics for Engineers 3.0
Humanities and Social Science Courses (13.50)
ENG 101 English Fundamentals 3.0
ENG 102 Developing English Language Skills 1.5
HUM 113 113 Economics 2.0
SOC 113 Bangladesh Studies and Government* 3.0
HUM 213 Principles of Accounting* 2.0
SOC 255 Sociology 2.0

Minimum total credit requirement for regular student to complete the Degree = 165.00 (No upper limit) Minimum total credit requirement for Diploma Engineers/ Equivalent passed students = 145.00 (No upper limit) Note: (*) means the courses which are exempted for diploma/second shift group students.

Faculty members