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The University Grants Commission of Bangladesh (UGC) was established by the Presidential Order (P.O. No 10 of 1973) of the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. In fact, UGC is the regulatory body of all public and private universities in Bangladesh. Three categories of university such as public, private and international universities are working to ensure higher education in Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, private university started its journey after the constitution of the Private University Act 1992. At present, all private universities are being operated under the Private University Act 2010. There are 95 private universities in Bangladesh (up to January, 2017). Dhaka International University is one of the first generation private universities in Bangladesh.


To educate students in a communicative and interactive learning environment in line with program outcomes and to empower them to meet the business challenges with strong ethical values and responsibilities.


To produce eligible and competent business graduates through a standard curriculum who will be able to serve the society as business leaders in the global perspective.

Message from Department Head

We can’t think a minute without buinsess.Our lives are fully dependent on the business. Our lives and business are together just a coin.Except any one, another is meaning less. Society’s development is impossible without business. Today’s business is muh competitive through the world wide. Business environment is rapidly changing. To coup with the changing business environment, skilled business graduates are crying needed. Dhaka International University is producing skilled business graduates at affordable cost.


  • To know integrated and practical business approaches, concepts, problem solving tools and techniques in modern business practices.
  • To produce quality and market oriented graduates coping with challenging professional and business environment.
  • To develop business ethics, social responsibilities, team building attitude and corporate culture.
  • To develop research based ideas, knowledge, skills and experiences for making an effective business plan, project and implementation strategy in global perspective.
  • To develop professionalism, entrepreneurship and leadership traits with self-motivated attitude.


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Our students engage themselves in various interesting extra curricular activities all through the year.

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A proper syllabus is maintained for the best outcome of academic experience in our university.

1st Semester 2nd Semester
CCB 111 Introduction to Business CCB 121 Fundamentals of Management
CCB 112 Legal System of Bangladesh CCB 122 Business Mathematics-II
CCB 113 Business Mathematics-I CCB 123 Business Communication
CCB 114 Bangladesh Studies CCB 124 Principales of Finance
3rd Semesterr 4th Semester
CCB 131 Principles of Marketing CCB 211 Business Statistics-I
CCB 132 Basic Accounting CCB 212 Intermediate Accounting
CCB 133 Microeconomics CCB 213 Computer Application in Business
CCB 214 Macroeconomics
5th Semesterr 6th Semester
CCB 221 Business Statistics-II CCB 231 Industrial Psychology
CCB 222 Business Law CCB 232 Cost Accounting
CCB 223 Financial Management CCB 233 Marketing Management
CCB 224 E-Commerce
7th Semesterr 8th Semester
CCB 311 International Trade CCB 321 Operations Management
CCB 312 Taxation CCB 322 Auditing
CCB 313 Industrial and Labor Law CCB 323 Human Resource Management
CCB 314 Organizational Behavior
9th Semesterr
CCB 331 Insurance and Risk Management
CCB 332 Bank Management
CCB 333 Management Information Systems
CCB 333 Management Information Systems
10th Semester (Major in Management) 11th Semester (Major in Management)
MGT 411 Research Methodology MGT 421 Cross Cultural Management
MGT 412 Project Management MGT 422 Evolution of Management
MGT 413 Total Quality Management MGT 423 Supply Chain Management
MGT 414 Management of Technology MGT 424 Management of Multinational Enterprises
10th Semester (Major in Human Resource Management) 1 11th Semester (Major in Human Resource Management)
MGT 411 Research Methodology HRM 421 Industrial Relations
HRM 412 Project Management HRM 422 Training and Organizational Developmen
HRM 413 Human Resource Planning HRM 423 Career Management
HRM 414 Performance Management and Compensation Management HRM 424 Human Resource Management Practices in Bangladesh
10th Semester (Major in Accounting Information Systems1 11th Semester (Major in Accounting Information Systems)
AIS 411 Research Methodology AIS 421 Accounting Theory
AIS 412 Project Management AIS 422 Advanced Cost Accounting
AIS 413 Advanced Financial Accounting AIS 423 Corporate Financial Reporting
AIS 414 Management Accounting AIS 424 Corporate Tax Planning
10th Semester (Major in Management Information Systems) 11th Semester (Major in Management Information Systems)
MIS 411 Research Methodology MIS 421 Network Essentials
MIS 412 Project Management MIS 422 E-Commerce and Web Managemen
MIS 413 System Analysis and Design MIS 423 Management of Technology
MIS 414 Basic Database Management MIS 424 Supply Chain Management
10th Semester (Major in Marketing) 11th Semester (Major in Marketing)
MKT 41 Research Methodology MKT 421 Global Marketing
MKT 412 Project Management MKT 422 E-Marketing
MKT 413 Strategic Marketing MKT 423 Integrated Marketing Communications
MKT 414 Marketing Information Systems MKT 424 Customer Relationship Managemen
10th Semester (Major in Finance) 11th Semester (Major in Finance)
FIN 411 Research Methodology MKT 421 Real Estate Finance
FIN 412 Project Management FIN 422 Working Capital Management
FIN 413 Financial Analysis and Control FIN 423 Investment Banking and Lease Financing
FIN 414 Corporate Financ FIN 424 International Financial Management
10th Semester (Major in Banking) 11th Semester (Major in Banking)
BKM 411 Research Methodology BKM 421 Retail Banking and E-Banking
BKM 412 Project Management BKM 422 Islamic Banking
BKM 413 Working capital Management BKM 423 Audit and Inspection of Banks
BKM 414 Treasury Management BKM 424 Accounting for Financial Service Institutions
10th Semester (Major in International Business) 11th Semester (Major in International Business)
ITB 411 Research Methodology ITB 421 International Management
ITB 412 Project Management ITB 422 International Human Resource Management2
ITB 413 Fundamentals of International Business ITB 423 International Financial Management
ITB 414 I nternational Economics ITB 424 International Marketing
12th Semester
Internship/Project Report & Viva-Voce

Admission Requirement: The graduates who have completed Bachelor's Degree (Four years) in Business Administration with minimum CGPA 2.50 out of 4.00 from a recognized university are eligible for admission in the regular MBA Program & for EMBA program, the applicants must have at least Bachelor Degree with GPA-2.00 (minimum) from any discipline.

Requirement of Degree: A student for the degree of 1 year RMBA must earn 36 credits and for 2 years EMBA must earn 66 credits with minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.50.

RMBA Program (1 Year)
1st Semester
CCR 501 Advanced Management Accounting
CCR 502 International Business
CCR 503 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
CCR 504 Management Information Systems
CCR 505 Supply Chain Management
EMBA Program (2 Years)
1st Semester 2nd Semester
CCB 111 Introduction to Business CCE 522 Human Resource Managemen
CCE 512 Principles of Management CCE 523 Legal Environment of Business
CCE 513 Principles of Marketingt CCE 524 Business Communication
CCE 514 Managerial Economics CCE 531 Organizational Behavior
CCE 521 Quantitative Techniques for Decision Making CCE 532 Financial Accounting
3rd Semester
CCE 533 Management Information Systems
CCE 534 Cost and Management Accounting
CCE 541 Marketing Management
CCE 542 Financial Management
CCE 543 Industrial and Labour Law
Major Courses For RMBA & EMBA Programs
Major in Management Major in Human Resource Management
MGT 551 Business Research HRM 551 Business Research
MGT 552 Strategic Management HRM 552 Strategic Management
MGT 553 Project Management HRM 553 Strategic Human Resource Management
MGT 554 Operations Management HRM 554 Conflict Management and Negotiation
MGT 555 Management Information Systems HRM 555 Organizational Development and Change Management
MGT 556 Management Science HRM 556 Training and Development
MGT 557 International Business HRM 557 Compensation Management
MGT 558 Management of Multinational Enterprises HRM 558 International Human Resource Management
MGT 559 Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development HRM 559 Human Resource Management Information Systems
MGT 560 Management Thought HRM 560 Industrial Relations and Collective Bargaining
Major in Accounting Information Systems Major in Management Information Systems
AIS 551 Business Research MIS 551 Business Research
AIS 552 Strategic Management MIS 552 Strategic Management
AIS 553 Auditing MIS 553 Information Technology
AIS 554 Taxation MIS 554 Computer Programming
AIS 555 Project Management MIS 555 Management Information Systems
AIS 556 Software in Accounting MIS 556 Spreadsheet Analysis and Module Building
AIS 557 Accounting Information Systems MIS 557 E-Commerce
AIS 558 Financial Statement Analysis MIS 558 Database Management
AIS 559 Advanced Financial Accounting MIS 559 Telecommunication and Networking for Business
Major in Marketing Major in Finance
MKT 551 Business Research FIN 551 Business Research
MKT 552 Strategic Management FIN 552 Strategic Management
MKT 553 Marketing Communication FIN 553 Capital Markets and Financial Institution
MKT 554 International Marketing FIN 554 Insurance and Risk Management
MKT 555 Service Marketing FIN 555 Capital Budgeting and Investment Analysis
MKT 556 Consumer Behavior FIN 556 Public Finance
MKT 557 Brand Management FIN 557 International Financial Management
MKT 557 Brand Management FIN 557 International Financial Management
MKT 558 Agricultural Marketing FIN 558 Corporate Finance
Major in Bank Management Major in Merchandising
BKM 551 Business Research MER 551 Business Research
BKM 552 Strategic Management MER 552 Strategic Management
BKM 553 Theory and Practice of Banking MER 553 RMG Business of Bangladesh
BKM 554 Fund Management in Banks MER 554 Retail Merchandising
BKM 555 Credit Management MER 555 Textile and Apparel Industry
BKM 556 Bank Marketing MER 556 Quality Control Management in RMG
BKM 557 Central Banking Internship/Project Report & Viva-Voce
BKM 558 Investment Banking

*5 courses from the above Major Stream Course List.

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